Don Frye: ‘Delusional Little Female’ Ronda Rousey ‘Belongs In The Kitchen’

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UFC bantamweight queen Ronda Rousey has taken some abuse from her fellow fighters in the past, but there’s a line, and Don Frye just crossed it….

Former Pride FC star Don Frye has never been one to mince his words, and the same could be said about the subject of his recent interview, Ronda Rousey. The undisputed boss of the women’s bantamweight division recently dropped the ‘w’ from her title, claiming she was the UFC bantamweight champ, and that the promotion shouldn’t distinguish between genders.

Here’s where ‘The Predator’ comes in. The cigar smoking king of the moustache spoke with our friends over at Submission Radio this week, and he was quick to blast ‘Rowdy’ for her comments during the ‘GO BIG’ presser:

“I’m sorry Ronda but I saw an interview with you where you were saying that you’re the ‘Bantamweight champion of the world’ and the UFC doesn’t distinguish between men and women. But I’m sorry to hurt your little female delusional brain but you are the Bantamweight ‘female’ fighter. You have no chance of beating a male fighter. So you do belong in the kitchen making a sandwich if that’s your thought. Otherwise, you are the greatest female fighter on the planet. That’s, the bottom line is female.”

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Wow, Frye once again goes close to the bone with his comments. On to the subject of Jon Jones and Nick Diaz, ‘The Predator’ has more to share:

“Oh yeah, I think that the (Nick Diaz) decision is horseshit. I think these guys don’t know how to wipe their own ass, that’s how retarded they are with their decisions. There’s no reason for him to be suspended for five years for smoking dope. Everybody knows marijuana is a harmless drug and it’s not a performance enhancing drug.”

“They’re going to turn around and they’re going to give Jon Jones his license back? Jon Jones?…who is a multimillionaire and has three or four ‘baby mamas’ – which means you and everybody else who pays taxes are buying these little bastards…you know? And he’s wrecking cars and he’s found with coke in his system twice and DUIs, and they’re gonna get this guy fighting again? This guy should be done for life. And I like Jon Jones. I’m a fan of his as a fighter, but as a person apparently he’s a piece of shit. Now they’re going to let this guy fight, but not Nick Diaz who is just smoking marijuana? There’s something wrong with these assholes.”

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They certainly broke the mould when they made Don Frye. He joins a long queue of angry fans who have bones to pick with the Nevada Athletic Commission, but who knows whether they’ll relent on their harsh punishment of Nick Diaz.

With Jon Jones’ court case set to go down tomorrow (September 29), we’ll certainly know what the immediate future holds for the former champion.

Love him or hate him, ‘The Predator’ is always entertaining, if a little behind the times, maybe?