Three Possible Outcomes If Chad Mendes Beats Conor McGregor

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UFC 189 is in reaching distance, as the event is set for this Saturday (July 11, 2015) night from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the blockbuster scheduled main event between reigning featherweight king Jose Aldo and brash Irishmen Conor Mcgregor was scrapped when Aldo hurt his rib, McGregor will still fight on the card, taking on former title challenger and No. 1-contender Chad “Money” Mendes in the main event for the interim title.

Despite the opponent switch, the trash talk hasn’t stopped from the outspoken and relentless hype machine which is the “Notorious” McGregor. Many fans and media members have actually acknowledged that Mendes may be a tougher challenge for the Irish phenom, as we have never seen McGregor tested against a true grappler.

But, has anyone really thought about what would happen if the “Notorious” one is conquered? Whether you hate him or love him, or you’re picking Mendes to win, McGregor has backed up all of his talk thus far, and I feel as if there may be a little piece of everyone that just can’t see McGregor losing.

And if he does, the UFC and the featherweight division may be thrown into an uproar. Take a look at LowKickMMA’s possible outcomes from UFC 189 if Mendes is to win:

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1. McGregor Eats His Words, UFC Misses Big Opportunity

If McGregor falls to “Money” this weekend, he will be forced to eat all of his words, and all of the relentless shots he’s taken at Mendes, and the rest of the division for that matter, as he has said that he will wipe out the division. How would this effect the Irish sensation? Could it effect his fan base, and his stock? Well, if McGregor doesn’t do as he has said he will come fight night, and depending on the nature of the loss, many may look at the “Notorious” one different. Will fans care as much about what he has to say, or will they just view him as a joke who couldn’t hang with the elite?

Also, a McGregor loss would be very detrimental to the UFC. Although Dana White has said in the past that he doesn’t care who wins fights, one would have to believe the UFC is rooting for McGregor, their golden boy. The promotion was set to make a gigantic sum of money from Aldo vs. McGregor, and although they will still rack in a boatload of cash from Mendes vs. McGregor, I’d have to think a bout towards the end of the year pitting Aldo and McGregor against each other for the unified belt would be the biggest fight in history. However, that would be gone if McGregor loses, at least for now.

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2. The Aldo vs. Mendes Saga Continues

A contender who loses two bouts to the champion usually has to do a ton of work to earn a third title shot, but if Mendes wins, the UFC will have no choice but to book him against Aldo for a third time, although he may deserve it with a victory. The first two bouts between the two were both thrillers, making a third fight not so bad, but it could hurt the division.

If Aldo and Mendes do battle again, the division is put on hold once again, with numerous contenders having to wait even longer. This also makes a fourth match between the two possible if “Money” were to beat Aldo, putting the division in a limbo for quite some time.

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3. Frankie Edgar Gets Passed Up Again, Possibly Meets McGregor

Frankie Edgar is undoubtedly deserving of a title shot. A former lightweight champion, Edgar dropped down to featherweight in 2013, taking Aldo the distance, but coming up short. Since then, “The Answer” has rattled off four-straight victories, but was leap frogged by McGregor regarding a title shot.

The UFC then decided to go with Mendes to replace Aldo instead of Edgar, passing him up again. Now, if McGregor beats Mendes, he will meet Aldo, the fight that was originally scheduled. But if Mendes wins, Edgar will most likely be very angered as he should most likely have been given the shot against McGregor.

So if Mendes does win, “The Answer” may be forced to take another fight, as it’s no telling how long the Aldo and Mendes saga will continue. Could Edgar meet McGregor? Well, say Mendes completely exploits McGregor, then a bout with the Irishmen may not be worth it for Edgar.

“Money” definitely has the opportunity to turn the division upside down this weekend if he can stop the Irish hype train. How do you see it playing out?