UFC strawweight Polyana Vianna has labeled Colby Covington “revolting” after the former interim welterweight champion publicly lied about having sex with her.

Earlier this month rumours began to swirl about a potential romance between Viana and Covington who train together at MMA Masters in Miami. Viana shut down the social media gossip by revealing that she already has a boyfriend.

During a recent interview, Covington refused to go along with that narrative and instead claimed he was too busy having sex with Viana to take a short notice fight with Leon Edwards.

“There wasn’t much talks, you know?” Covington told Submission Radio (via RT). “I was balls deep in Polyana Viana, so get me off the couch in three weeks notice to fight some Leon Scott [Edwards] guy. You know, it was going to be a price tag. I wanted a little bit more than was in my contract, I just wasn’t gonna show up for a normal paycheck to fight that guy. The way I fight guys, I redline it every time I fight.

“So when I fight you know you’re getting a Ferrari that’s coming forward, high octane, high energy, and he’s coming to fight and bring the fight. … So if I want to fight at my best, I need a full training camp. That fight was never gonna happen unless the UFC was gonna pay for it to happen because like I said before, I was with Polyana Viana. I got better things to do than show up on some irrelevant card against some irrelevant guy named Leon [Edwards].”

Viana has now responded to the crude comments from Covington.

“I have never given room for any kind of comment or judgment about my personal life, but it is not for me to judge the person’s attitude,” Viana wrote on Twitter. “I feel sorry for those who act so low to try to promote themselves. It is revolting.”

Do you think Colby Covington went too far with his comments about Polyana Viana?

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