Poll: How Should The UFC Punish Jon Jones?

jon jones

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now you most likely know that he mixed martial arts (MMA) world is ablaze with the strange saga of light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ latest exploits.

The story goes that Jones was reported off of his UFC 187 bout with Anthony Johnson yesterday, and while that news was eventually proven true, it did come out that Jones was a suspect in an Albuquerque, New Mexico hit-and-run accident in which a 21-year-old pregnant woman broke her arm.

The situation escalated quickly when new details came in the police report that Jones had reportedly fled the offending vehicle, only to return and grab a large handful of cash while leaving his marijuana, pipe, and identifying (and potentially incriminating) paperwork with his name behind to bound up a nearby dirt hill.

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We just found out that the Albuquerque Police Department is pursuing a felony arrest warrant for leaving the scene of an accident, signifying that Jones could be in some serious hot water legally.

This obviously isn’t the first time we’ve seen ‘Bones’ run afoul of the law; he got a DWI back in 2012 after he crashed his Bentley into a pole in the wee hours of the morning, and while he wasn’t arrested for his failed cocaine test prior to January 3’s UFC 182, his rapidly expanding history of drug and alcohol problems is growing more than troublesome.

And most likely for none more so than the UFC and its President Dana White, who issued Jones a paltry ,000 fine for his cocaine transgression and accepted that he was cured after a one-day stint in rehab. Now, however, the stakes have gotten quite a bit higher, and the promotion may have no other choice than to seriously punish Jones and make an example out of him and his multiple violations of their so-called Fight Conduct Policy.

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That’s the last thing they want to do heading into arguably the biggest pay-per-view (PPV) of all-time, but their hands may be tied. With the law breathing down Jones’ neck and their champion on the lam, what should the UFC do to punish the oft-troubled star?

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