Paul Felder Regrets UFC 230 Weigh-In Joke


Paul Felder regrets stepping on the scale during the UFC 230 weigh-ins for a goof.

That’s because the lightweight fighter tipped the scale at 193.6 pounds. That’s almost 40 pounds more than the lightweight limit of 156 pounds.

Felder obviously wasn’t in fight shape, he was at the UFC 230 weigh-ins because he would be calling the action the following night.

Not even a week after Felder tipped the scales in his UFC 230 joke he was booked in a lightweight fight against James Vick at UFC 233. The event takes place Jan. 26 at Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif.

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Therein lies the potential problem. That is the state of California. The commision is a very proactive commission on such issues as MMA weight cutting. Given that Felder only has three months to make the contracted weight of 156 pounds, that could be an issue.

Felder Weighs In On James Vick

“That was the first thing we addressed before I signed the contract,” Felder told MMAjunkie Radio. “I was talking to (Sean) Shelby and Jeff Novitzky and everybody just making sure the fight was going to take place if they give us a hard time.

“But one thing that made us all confident is at least my opponent is doing the same thing, if not worse. Coming into this, it’s not like I’m matched up with somebody who is going to be 25 pounds heavier than me in the cage on fight night. James Vick probably cuts even more weight than I have to.”

Sitting nearly 40 pounds over your contracted weight is never a good look. Felder, however, believes that number is a bit of a misrepresentation. Since fighting Mike Perry at UFC 226 in July Felder has been nursing a broken arm and traveling for UFC commentary gigs. All legitimate reasons for slightly skewed weight.

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Keep in mind “The Irish Dragon” has never missed weight in his career. And Felder fully intends on keeping that streak alive and well at UFC 233.

“Obviously I’m going to try to be on top of my weight; I’m already on a diet,” Felder said. “When I stepped on that scale in New York, it was a joke, and I still had my sweatpants on and I was out eating the night before. I’m probably down five or six pounds lighter than what it said on that scale. It was the weekend, I was traveling. That’s not a true description of what I weigh.”