Paul Craig Survives ‘Oil Check’ As Shogun Rua Taps To Strikes – UFC 255 Highlights


Following their split draw last year in Brazil, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace, Paul ‘The Bearjew’ Craig holds bragging rights over mixed martial arts institute, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua via a second-round stoppage victory.

The Scottish Hit Squad mainstay utilised his wrestling on cue in the opening-frame to force veteran former PRIDE and UFC titleholder, Rua into grappling exchanges, and with a flurry of strikes from the back as Craig postured, Rua tapped to strikes.

Threatening with an anaconda finish in the first-round, Craig pulled Rua into his own guard, with the fan-favorite Curitiba native scrambling to his feet to see the second frame.

Forced to battle against the fence once again in the second round, Rua was taken down once again, despite a brief “oil check” attempt from the Chute Boxe trainee. Assuming back-mount and posturing, Craig, a prominant grappler from his back usually began raining down with strikes as he forced the 38-year-old Brazilian icon to submit to strikes.

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Below, catch the highlights from Craig’s rematch victory over the decorated, Rua.