Pat Miletich Set To End 12-Year Retirement To Face Michael Nunn

Pat Militech
Credit: Dave Mandel
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UFC Hall of Famer Pat Miletich is about to make a spectacular return to fighting according to the promoter and manager Monte Cox.

Miletich (52) is set to face former IBF and WBA boxing champion Michael Nunn (56) in a kickboxing match. The bout was originally due to take place this month, but it has now been pushed back until the coronavirus pandemic passes.

Speaking on a recent episode of the “IT’S TIME with Bruce Buffer” podcast, Cox confirmed Miletich will be making a comeback, he said.

“(There’s) one big show I’m working on,” Cox said. “You’ve probably heard rumors of this, but Pat Miletich is going to fight again. He’s fighting Michael Nunn, a great boxer. It’s an incredible (fight). This thing will draw. We could draw 7,000-plus in the Quad Cities. They are the two greatest professional athletes or fighters out of that area.”

Miletich will face off against former boxing champion Nunn who has just been released from prison after serving 16.5 years for drug-related offenses.

“Michael has been in prison,” Cox said. “He just got out six months ago. It was a cocaine thing. The feds set him up to buy a kilo of cocaine for 100 bucks. It’s just ridiculous. … It was entrapment at its best. But anyway, what he did when he went to prison was he took all the people who came in overweight and didn’t know about nutrition. (He) taught them how to get back in shape, eat right, and put them through workouts and stuff. He really did good.

“He’s a good guy. I know him really well. I traveled with him all over the world when he was fighting. At one time, he was pound-for-pound the best boxer in the world at 35-0. He was untouchable.” (Transcribed by MMA Junkie)

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