Paddy Pimblett Squashes His Beef With Sean O’Malley, Rips Diego Sanchez

Paddy Pimblett

It appears Paddy Pimblett and Sean O’Malley have squashed their beef.

The UFC prospects had previously exchanged shots through various media platforms but now appear to be firm friends after playing a game on Twitch together.

During a recent Q&A session, Pimblett was asked about his opinion on O’Malley and gave a surprisingly nice appraisal of the #12 ranked bantamweight.

“Don’t mind [Sean] O’Malley. Like watching him fight,” Pimblett said. “He’s an entertaining fighter and he’s entertaining on the mic. We were just talking to him on Twitch before, it was quite funny to be honest.”

‘Suga’ thanked ‘The Baddy’ for joining him on a raid and expressed his belief that the two were now buds while trying to imitate Pimblett’s accent.

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“Oh shit! Paddy the Baddy f***ing hosted me,” O’Malley said. “Paddy I feel like we’re buds. So we’re like not buds but we’re buds, you know what I mean. Appreciate the raid dude. Congrats on all your f***ing success. And can wait to watch your next fight. Paddy, thank you lad. F***ing thank you. F***ing thank you. Appreciate you with the raid. F***ing brilliant.” (Transcribed by Sportskeeda)

Paddy Pimblett Lays Into UFC Hall of Famer

The Englishman may have just settled one issue but another has quickly popped up.

Diego Sanchez clearly isn’t a fan of Pimblett and let him know that by commenting a bunch of clown emojis on a social media post that related to ‘The Baddy’

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Pimblett didn’t take the disrespect laying down and instead launched a full-scale attack on Sanchez, he wrote.

“Lad r u really trying to call me a clown?! Go and get brainwashed by the fabia dude again like he’s ur cult leader u dumb mother fucker ur the laughing stock of this whole sport! Ever talk sh*t about me again u fuckin has been I slap ur ass up.”

What do you make of the UK’s newest star Paddy Pimblett?