Alistair Overeem’s Testosterone levels at 14:1, more than double NSAC limit


It was revealed earlier today that Alistair Overeem‘s failed pre-UFC 146 drug screen revealed his Testosterone/Epitestosterone levels to be at a ratio of 14:1, whereas a normal man would possess a ratio of 1:1. These results were stated by Keith Kizer, commissioner of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Kizer revealed earlier this week that Overeem’s levels were higher than 10:1, and that any levels shown to be above 6:1 are considered a violation.

This finding comes amidst a huge controversy that still leaves the fate of UFC 146 in jeopardy. Of course Overeem has requested that his b-sample be tested, and this may lead to more specific tests to determine if the testosterone present in his body was in fact natural or not. Regardless, while he may not be technically suspended as of yet, his conditional license in the state of Nevada is in serious trouble.

Dana White has expressed his obvious disdain at his no. 1 contender, particularly due to conversations that he had with Overeem where he was assured that no drug test issues would arise during Overeem’s time with the UFC. No replacement title fight has been made for UFC 146 yet, and now a heated debate will ensue.

Low’kickers, what do you think? Who deserves to be next in line for the title shot the most?  What should the punishment be for Alistair Overeem, a man who has been followed by steroid allegations since his transformation from a Light Heavyweight to a hulking Heavyweight champion? What will become of the once-blockbuster UFC 146 Heavyweight main card? Finally, how will the seemingly rampant use of ******** and performance-enhancing drugs continue to plague MMA’s ascension to mainstream status? Via –

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