No Babies Or Lawsuits Here: GSP, Ex-Manager Refute Rumors

When UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre told Joe Rogan he needed some time off from fighting after his razor-thin split decision victory over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, speculation immediately began to run rampant.

There were reports that St. Pierre was soon to be a father, and others that said his father was ill. Both of those claims were shot down, but yet another rumor surfaced surrounding GSP’s former manager Shari Spencer and a supposed multi-million dollar lawsuit she had raised against the champ. While court documents have suggested the lawsuit was legit, Spencer herself took to twitter to clarify her position:

Looks like this is getting weirder than it already was. Dana White was seeing red after the fight, which he had Hendricks winning. White calmed down and discussed matters with St. Pierre, leading the president to state he would have GSP vs. Hendricks II booked in a couple weeks.

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St. Pierre, for his efforts, has shot down all of the rumors by tweeting a picture of him enjoying his vacation:

So what is your take on this whole media explosion? The reports of dire rumors surrounding GSP seem to be unfounded, at least for now. St. Pierre did claim that he was having trouble sleeping recently and he has personal issues that needed attending, but it looks like the longtime champ and UFC record holder isn’t letting the press get him down.

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Was he just over-emotional after going through the toughest five round battle of his life?