Niko Samsonidse Suffers Horrific Leg Break at German MMA Event

Niko Samsonidse
Photo Courtesy of @streetfitebncho on Twitter

German fighter Niko Samsonidse’s bout at National Fighting Championship 3 ended in devastating fashion, as he broke his leg while fighting Mohammed Sadok Trabelsi for the interim featherweight championship.

The horrific break happened just seconds into the second round of the fight, after Samsonidse threw a left leg kick and snapped his leg in the process.

This is the third major leg break across Mixed Martial Arts over the past few weeks, and the second since former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman snapped his leg during his fight against Uriah Hall at UFC 261. Most A Polish kickboxer suffered a leg break of his own just weeks after Weidman’s injury.

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The fight was immediately stopped about Samsonidse collapsed following the kick and just before Trabelsi was about to start ground-and-pounding him to secure the finish. Samsonidse was taken to a local hospital and an update on his condition hasn’t been given to this point.

Samsonidse entered the fight with a 9-2 record and a chance to earn the interim featherweight title for NFC. He had won seven straight before the the fight with Trabelsi.

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During the NFC post-fight show, Trabelsi appeared visibly shook by how the fight ended and expressed his best wishes for Samsonidse as he begins his recovery from the horrific break he suffered.

What’s eerie is not only the frequency of leg breaks over the past few weeks, but the similarities between the three separate instances. All three fighters suffered a similar break in the similar spot, which all resulted in the same fates.

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Weidman is expected to miss 6-8 months as he recovers from a compound fracture in his right leg. He is no stranger to injuries during his MMA career, undergoing a total of 18 surgeries of his knees, elbows, neck and hands.

We will provide a full update on Samsonidse’s condition as it becomes available to the public.

What’s your reaction to yet another horrific leg break in MMA?

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