Nick Diaz Explains Why He’s Not Returning To UFC In Near Future

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Nick Diaz explains why he has no interest in fighting right now and the reason behind his mindset. For years now, fight fans have wanted to see the older Diaz brother compete once again. However, the chances of that happening are unlikely.

Diaz has not been seen in the Octagon since his bout with Anderson Silva in January 2015. This fight was later overturned to a no-contest after Silva tested positive for banned substances. A few months ago, it was reported that Diaz would fight Jorge Masvidal at the UFC 235 pay-per-view event. However, that fight was never officially booked.

Diaz took to his official Instagram account where he gave his reasoning as to why he refuses to fight right now.

”I’m no role model, I’m 35 years old,” Diaz wrote, “but I definitely wouldn’t advise anybody to take a fight for less than their worth or fight for free. Which is practically what I would be doing at this point in taking a fight with some of these guys that are not on my level. Nor would I be within my moral ethics to even do that aside from you not painting me as a role model.

”If there was an offer I couldn’t refuse, things would be different. Until they are — I’d like to continue to think I’ve been fighting to make the world a better place, but until I can continue to do that: ‘I don’t want to hurt nobody, I just want to party.’”