Next Gen: 10 MMA Stars Whose Sons Became Fighters


Kimbo Slice / Baby Slice

Kimbo Slice’s rise to fame in the sport was unlike any other fighter before or since, having initially broke through as one of YouTube’s first viral stars thanks to his backyard brawling videos, before pursuing an MMA career that would see him become a huge TV draw for Elite XC, then the UFC, and finally Bellator, up until the shock news of his death due to heart failure in 2016.

Kimbo’s fighting legacy lives on though as his son Kevin Ferguson Jr, aka ‘Baby Slice’ won his amateur debut by first-round KO just two months before his father’s passing, and has since signed with Bellator as a pro fighter.

”At this point, it’s not even about the money or about the fame,” Ferguson Jr. declared last year. “It’s just about continuing the legacy. That’s my goal now, is to just continue the legacy and take the Slice name to the next level.”

’Baby Slice’s’ pro-debut didn’t go according to plan, losing by second-round submission to the unheralded Aaron Hamilton, but the 25-year-old has since bounced back with a first-round TKO win over newcomer Darryal Griffin in May and is now awaiting his next fight.