Nate Diaz Gets Asked About McGregor vs. GSP, His Reaction Is Priceless

UFC lightweight and occasional welterweight Nate Diaz is once again heavily rumoured to be facing Conor McGregor. The blood bath at UFC 196 will go down as one of the most amazing moments in MMA history, as Diaz stepped in on short notice to rain on both McGregor and the UFC’s parade. The fact that he was not surprised (motherf*ckers) in the post fight interview was just the icing on the cake for most hardcore fans.

Now, with UFC 200 floating on the horizon, Diaz is all over the media. His victory over ‘The Notorious’ on March 5 has finally seen the Stockton bad boy receiving some much deserved attention. Boy, is he using it well! His most recent interview started off entertaining, but literally span out of control towards the end, and Nate Diaz hijacked Chael Sonnen‘s podcast. Check out the best quotes, with the full audio segment at the end of the article!

Nate Diaz

“I don’t know if that fights official yet, but if it is they want to do it at 170. If you lose to somebody and you go and change the circumstances, then it’s kinda weak. He wants to try and win under the same circumstances, like if I lost, I wouldn’t say well next time lose 10 pounds and I’ll beat you. That’s lame. I’m a lightweight, and they want me to go up a weight class at 170? OK, I don’t care, it’s whatever they want to do.”

“They slept on it, and they were like ‘we don’t need this guy (Nate Diaz) in this position. We need Conor back in there to get his momentum back.’ So now they are just trying to get me out of here as quickly as possible, that’s what I think. (As for the featherweights) Those guys like Frankie Edgar are in a shitty position, if that was me, and I was just skipping out on the weight class, I would just leave the belt behind. Fuck, poor guys, they just want to fight for a belt, that’s their goal.”


“The reality of it is, I think I can beat anybody in the UFC, from lightweight to heavyweight. But if you don’t you could get beat by anybody too. In fight week I’m thinking in the back of my head I might get fucked up or knocked out, but I’m also thinking about what I can do if it goes well. It went down the way I expected it to go down against Conor. Just the cardio factor itself is a martial art, he fucked up…


nate diaz

“You have to be a black belt in cardio and how to use it. If he’s not up to par, then it’s probably going to go down the same way. He needs to be stepping it up big time.”

“I saw every punch he threw, it’s just he’s fast. If I haven’t sparred then I’m not on point, it was a lack of sparring and training because I didn’t have a camp. Without the sparring you’re flat and you’re not on point.”

Georges St. Pierre

“”I was not doing shit, like yeah he did great going up two weight classes, but I wasn’t doing shit, I was on vacation. Like they plotted me out, they wanted me on some not ready shit, they had it all planned out. I thought about it, I figured it all out since then, they wanted me to lose and then it all blew up in their faces. Nobody gets rematches, and all of a sudden this guy’s getting a rematch? They’re like ‘we need this to happen, everybody wants this to happen.’ I think the whole rematch thing is cool because it’s a big money fight, but it’s fucked up. This guy’s getting babied.”

“Yeah I heard (they were planning on having Conor call out GSP) but I put a big old hole in that shit. What did they think, that I’m some game that they can play? I can’t be fucked with, I been in the game too long. They wanted to have this big old GSP vs. McGregor bullshit, with Georges sat in the front row at UFC 196, I don’t even wanna hear about that shit. Get the fuck outta here with that, What the fuck? I pissed off Conor McGregor, I pissed off GSP, but most of all I pissed off the UFC. Well guess what? LOL motherfuckers. Georges is full of shit, he’s a bully, he was going to fight this little Irish featherweight guy? He would have held him down, that’s a freak show fight man.”

Transcribed by LowKick from the You’re Welcome podcast with Chael Sonnen.

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