Jake Paul claims Nate Diaz is avoiding Rematch in MMA: ‘He’s ducking and keeps offering excuses’

nate diaz

Jake Paul claims Nate Diaz is holding up a potential MMA fight between the two.

The PFL are making a gigantic effort in the MMA space, and seem to be more than willing to spend big to get some of the market share form the UFC. After months of rumours, they officially announced that the had purchased Bellator – the biggest of several head line grabbing pieces of business such as the signings of Francis Ngannou and Jake Paul.

PFL chairman Donn Davis has also made is known of the interest to put on the Paul Vs. Diaz rematch, this time in MMA. Davis recently stated that $15 million was on the table for Diaz if he were to accept the fight.

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However, Paul claims that Diaz is avoiding the rematch and claims that his wrestling and boxing skills could make it a tough night for the UFC legend.

“I wanted the MMA fight against Nate,” said Paul. “Nate Diaz is the perfect opponent, but he’s ducked and keeps offering excuses. He’s demanding more money when he hasn’t made the amount of money we’re offering for an MMA fight, ever.

“He keeps playing these games. I would love to test my skills against him. I have a wrestling background, I have the boxing. It would be interesting.” (H/T Sports Illustrated)

Nate Diaz slams PFL

While it would be a massive get for the PFL, Diaz not seem keen on fighting for the promotion. While the 38-year-old has been rather silent on the situation, he did scold the PFL in a social media message.

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“I’m good id rather fight real fighters. And never back track to the minor leagus of pussyFL. Fight urself dipshit,” Diaz said in a Tweet.

It’s unclear what exactly Diaz will do next, but Paul is currently booked to box on December 15 against Andre August.

Who would win in MMA, Nate Diaz or Jake Paul?