Modestas Bukauskas Defends Khalil Rountree Oblique Kick


Modestas Bukauskas has come to the defense of Khalil Rountree Jr.

Rountree returned to the win column with an impressive striking display against Bukauskas that resulted in a second-round TKO win at UFC Vegas 36 last night.

The final blow was a vicious oblique kick from Rountree that buckled Bukauskas’ knee and ended the contest right away. Bukuaskas reportedly tore his MCL, ACL and PCL which only means he’ll be spending a long time on the sidelines.

Many observers as well as UFC fighters called for the kick to be banned soon after.

Of course, that’s not a knock on Rountree who was simply executing a move that is legal as per the ruleset. However, the oblique kick is certainly detracting from his impressive performance and victory.

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To that, Bukauskas responded:

“Getting MRI when I get home…probably ligament damage…And yo please give my opponent some slack, that kick was all good, it was my job to defend and I didn’t. Let the man enjoy his victory”

Certainly a classy response from Bukauskas who hopefully can return to action as soon as possible.