Vice guide to Brazilian Vale Tudo

In America (the majority of people whom look at, not many realize the effort and work put into training, trying to gain stardom,...

In The Cage with Mike Brown

In The Cage with MMA Eddie and Penny Buffington WEC Featherweight Title Holder

Urijah Faber says his best days are ahead of him following UFC/WEC merger

This is what Faber hat to say via

Jose Aldo Next Fight Poll

Jose Aldo Next Fight Poll (Dominick Cruz,Urijah Faber,Ben Henderson,Bj Penn,Frankie Edgar,Mike Brown) ?

Miguel Torres' Skull before 20 Stitches

Miguel Torres was cut by Joseph Benavidez at WEC 47 before he was forced too tap due to an arm in guilotine choke.

Alistair Overeem Video Blog: Episodes 7 and 8: Enter the K1 tournament

The Reem enters the K1 tournament in Seoul Korea. Alistair Overeem defeated Ben Edwards in South Korea earlier this month, to earn himself a place at the K-1 2010 WGP Final event, which will take place on December 11th in Japan. There are two episodes joined together so you can join the Reem on his first K1 fight and the aftermath of it, Enjoy!

Who Gets Cruz First?

Who Gets Cruz First? (Joseph Benavidez,Scott Jorgensen) ?

Fan Vote for the K-1 WGP FINAL 16 has begun!

Fan Vote for the K-1 WGP FINAL 16 has begun!

One day in life of the WEC Bantamweight Champ Dominick Cruz

WEC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz is set to make his first title defense at WEC 50 on August 18th in a rematch against Joseph Benavidez, who Cruz beat by decision in their previous bout. In this video from Fight! Magazine Cruz talks about training, childhood, family and what it means to him being a Champion..

Legal or Not Here They Come

                                              Written by Penny Buffington The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 kicked off its first episode Sept. 15th on Spike TV with the first 2 fights being...