The injury bug strikes again, and it looks like the legend Mirko Cro Cop is now retired…..

Mirko Cro Cop was all set to face Anthony Hamilton at UFC Fight Night 79 in Seoul this coming November 28, in an attempt to extend his win streak to four (two UFC). After a terrible run in the MMA game between 2010-13, Filipovic retired and went to back to kickboxing, where he would win his first K-1 world GP title, later returning to get submitted by Oleksiy Oliynyk. Few believed Cro Cop would ever return to MMA, but three fights later and things were actually looking up.

The fan favorite Pride FC veteran elbowed Gabriel Gonzaga to hell in Krakow, Poland, eliminating the nightmares of his head kick KO loss to the Brazilian back in 2007. In preparation for his next bout, Cro Cop has injured himself, and now hints at retirement at aged 41. As per his Facebook:

“Dear friends, I had to unfortunately cancel the fight in Seoul. As early preparations hurt my shoulder so I could not even raise a hand. I tried to save his shoulder injury and repair in all possible ways, and daily therapies and injections of blood plasma and various cocktails of drugs but the remedy would be a break of two to three weeks and that I could not afford in the midst of final preparations.

My next fight would have been 80 this professional and that is a lot, especially in this sport. K-1, Pride FC, IGF, UFC. The biggest problem will be my adaptation of the ‘civilian’ life. No two workouts a day and the eternal journey around the world, which we will not be so tough on you. I train while I’m alive because it is my life but not at this rate and I was glad in a way. This is not an immediate decision because I’m unhappy doing all this but my final decision, and it is best for me. Sooner or later the time comes when one must stop and think about their health. I had a really long and rich career and I believe I left a deep mark in the martial arts, in a free fight in K-1 and have nization pour. Thanks to all who have followed me and supported me and remain beautiful memories and memories. Greetings!”

Apologies for the sketchy translation, but you get the point. Once again it’s time to say goodbye to a mixed martial arts legend, this time in the form of the most deadly striker in the Japanese era of MMA, Mirko Cro Cop. His powerful head kicks were the stuff of legend, and he used them to destroy Igor Vovchanchyn, Aleks Emelianenko and Wanderlei Silva to name a few.

We here at LowKickMMA salute you Mirko Cro Cop, all the best!