Mikey Musumeci – BJJ Athlete

Mikey Musumeci

Mikey Musumeci is a New Jersey native that grew up doing Jiu Jitsu. He started training when he was just 4 years old.

His first instructor was Fernando Cabeça at Fatjo Martial Arts Academy in Morganville, New Jersey. For the next 6 years, Musumeci trained under Professor Cabeça.

Mikey quickly became one of the top young grapplers in New Jersey. Jiu Jitsu was the only thing young Musumeci was interested in as a kid. He would give all of his time and energy to the martial art. 

When Mikey Musumeciwas 10 his family moved to Wellington, Florida. There he would first start training again under Marcelo Ribeiro.

He would only train with Ribeiro for a short time since his new instructor would move to Texas. His next instructor would be Emyr Bussade at his American Top Team affiliate school.

Date of Birth:July 7th, 1996
Place of Birth: Marlboro. New Jersey
Nicknames: Mikey, Darth Rigatoni
Team:Caio Terra Association
Weight Class:Feather / Rooster Gi Weight Classes Under 64 kilograms (141 lb)
No Gi Weight Classes Under 61.5 kilograms (136 lb)
Martial Arts Record: 48-4(BJJ)
Notable Championships:3x IBJJF World Champion, IBJJF World No-Gi Champion, 2x IBJJF European Champion, IBJJF Pan Champion, IBJJF American National Champion, UAEJJF Pro Champion
  • DOB: July 7th, 1996
  • Nickname: Mikey
  • Gym: Caio Terra Association
  • Martial Arts Record: 48-4(BJJ)
  • Notable Championships: 3x IBJJF World Champion, IBJJF World No-Gi Champion, 2x IBJJF European Champion, IBJJF Pan Champion, IBJJF American National Champion, UAEJJF Pro Champion

Mikey Musumeci runs through the juvenile divisions

Now that Mikey had found a more permanent gym since moving to Florida, he was ready to do some serious training. Under Brussade, Musumeci would earn his green belt under Brussade quickly.

He was among the most active BJJ kids in the country and would spend every free weekend at a tournament. Musumeci’s dedication was apparent, which led to Brussade giving him his juvenile blue belt.

In his first year as a juvenile blue belt, Mikey would win numerous IBJJF tournaments. Ending this year with winning an IBJJF world title.

Towards the end of his time at Brussade’s school, Mikey would attend Mendes brother seminars that the school hosted. During those seminars, Musumeci would form a relationship with Rafael and Guilherme.

The brothers would keep in touch with the young athlete and offer to help him whenever he wanted.

Mikey Musumeci moves to other gyms

Mikey’s family would make another move within Florida. This time to Miami, where Mikey Musumeci would be at WMB Miami with Javill Byron. At Byron’s academy, Mikey would be awarded his purple belt.

After earning his purple belt, his family would again move back near Boca Raton, Florida. Once there, Mike would start training with Brussadde again along with Jonatas Gurgel at ATT Aventura.

During this time, Mikey Musumeci would keep a busy schedule as he took a coaching job at Jaco Training Center. Along with his sister Tammi, who was also a rising star in Jiu Jitsu.

Once they began working at Jaco Training Center, they met UFC vet and BJJ champion Gilbert Burns. Gilbert would develop a close relationship with the two siblings and would look after them, as well as train with them.

While Mikey worked at Jaco, he would also fly to California to do training camps with the Mendes brothers. Then later on would also train at AJ Sousa’s gyms.

Mikey Musumeci

Mikey Musumeci winning world titles at the lower ranks

All of these moves between different gyms did not affect Mikey Musumeci’s performance at all. In his first year with Brussade, Mike would win his first world title as a juvenile blue belt.

Then after the move to Javill Byron’s school, he would win another world title at juvenile blue belt. Leading to his promotion to purple belt.

Mikey’s 4th move back to the Boca Raton area with his purple belt would be business as usual for him. Winning all of the major competitions he entered, which led to him winning a world title at purple belt.

Since he mainly trained with the Mendes brothers during this period, Guilhereme Mendes would promote him to brown belt. Presenting Musumeci with his brown belt at the podium after winning his 3rd world championship.

At brown belt, Mikey would win the worlds yet again in 2015.

Mikey Musumeci’s early run as a black belt

After running through the lower ranks and winning worlds at all levels, Musumeci received his black belt at 18 years old. The ceremony was a joint effort between Jonatas Gurgel and his mentor Gilbert Burns.

At the black belt level, Mikey Musumeci would have immediate success early on. His black belt debut would be at the American Nationals. 

The debut would be a successful one as he won both of his matches at the tournament. Including beating Joao Miyao in the finals.

Musumeci’s next tournament would be the Pan championships. This would be another championship that the young black belt would add to his collection. 

Then at the IBJJF world championship, Mikey would come up short in the finals. Losing to an advantage in his quarter final match.

Mikey Musumeci trains with Caio Terra

In a move that shocked the Jiu Jitsu world, Mikey Musumeci would move to another gym, yet again. This time, he would train with 10x world champion Caio Terra in San Jose, California.

The move would prove to be a highly successful one for Musumeci. This relationship would be the start of Mike’s takeover of the lower black belt weight classes. Going on an unbelievable run that would last years.

After losing at the world championship, Mikey did not lose a tournament for the rest of 2016. Dominating at every tournament entered and ended the year winning the No-Gi World Championship.

Mikey Musumeci’s 2017-2018 run

In his first full year training with Caio Terra, there were a lot of expectations for Mikey Musumeci. The now 20 year old black belt wouldn’t disappoint.

He would make a successful European debut to win the IBJJF European Championship to start off the year.

His next big win would be his first Abu Dhabi World Pro Championship. Beating all 4 of his opponents at the tournament.

This would lead to his second shot at the IBJJF World Championship in the featherweight division. Mikey would not come up short this time.

Winning 4 tough matches to earn his first world championship at black belt in the Gi. This was the first time an American had ever won 2 world titles at black belt.

Then in 2018, Mikey Musumeci would repeat for a 3rd time and win his 2nd world championship in the Gi.

Mikey Musumeci makes history again in 2019

After winning two world titles at featherweight, Musumeci would again test himself in 2019. This time, he decided to go down to the rooster weight class to compete for a world title.

He had a brutal weight cut to make it below the cut off point. Just barely making weight to be cleared to compete.

Somehow, Musumeci found the energy for his 3 matches that day. His first two matches would be 8-2 wins against two of the best grapplers in Japan,

This would set him up against the best rooster weight of all time, Bruno Malfacine. Mikey Musumeci would shock the world and beat the reigning champ of 10 years by points.

Mikey Musumeci competes in the absolute division

In 2020, Mikey Musumeci wanted to prove that size didn’t matter and that he could beat even the biggest competitors. Deciding to test himself and compete in the absolute division at different tournaments.

The first place the young black belt would test himself at was at the IBJJF European Open. There he would win his first match to meet Seif Houmine in the semi finals. A super heavyweight that had over a hundred pounds on Musumeci.

Mikey would take the fight right to Houmine and win by advantage over the super heavyweight. Once again shocking the BJJ world.

He would lose by advantage to former world champion Mahamed Aly in the finals, but won the hearts of the spectators. Musumeci would also win the featherweight bracket at this tournament.

Mikey Musumeci moves to No-Gi

In 2021, after winning everything championship in the Gi, Mikey Musumeci would move back to No-Gi competition. Something he had not done in over 5 years.

Mikey would make his return to No-Gi event WNO 7 against Marcelo Cohen. He claimed that he had not done any No-Gi training leading up to the event, but it wouldn’t matter. 

Musumeci would snag a quick triangle choke to make a successful return to No-Gi. After the win, Musumeci would rake up 3 more wins in 2021.

Beating Lucas Pinheiro, Junny Ocasio, and then Geo Martinez at a Road to ADCC event. Musumeci would then suffer the first submission loss of his career losing by north south choke to Joao Gabriel Sousa.

Mikey Musumeci

Mikey Musumeci’s legacy

Mikey Musumeci’s legacy is untouchable. Time and time again, he has made history with the sport of Jiu Jitsu. Winning world titles at every rank and becoming the first American to win multiple black belt championships.

At 25, Mikey Musumeci has already accomplished everything you can in the Gi. His focus now is to become an ADCC champion and etch his name in the history books. If he wins an ADCC gold medal, he’ll be considered one of the greatest of all time.