Mikey Musumeci calls out Sneako for a fight after the Controversial influencer says BJJ ‘Is for autistic people’

Mikey Musumeci and Sneako

Reigning ONE flyweight submission grappling world champion Mikey Musumeci is known for being one of the nicest individuals you’ll ever meet in the world of combat sports. But his switch will flip real quick when it comes to dealing with bullies.

Recently, the five-time IBJJF champion delivered a scathing response to Sneako, a popular yet controversial Rumble streamer who made some disparaging remarks about jiu-jitsu and Musumeci himself.

“So today I’m going to talk about bullies,” Musumeci said in a video posted to Instagram. “Bullies are weak people that make fun of others around them to give themselves relevance and make themselves feel good. They pick on the differences of humans, which is the most beautiful part of humans, their uniqueness. I really don’t like bullies, guys.

“There’s this guy named Sneako, making fun of me, making fun of my friend, making fun of jiu-jitsu. He calls himself a boxer, I’m a jiu-jitsu guy. Let’s have an MMA fight. I challenge Sneako to an MMA fight. I’m going to shut his mouth and take the bully’s lunch money.”

What Did Sneako Say To Anger Mikey Musumeci?

So what exactly did the influencer say that drew the ire of perhaps the best BJJ practitioner in the world today? Reacting to a clip of Musumeci’s win over Japanese MMA icon Shinya Aoki, Sneako crassly commented that “jiu-jitsu is for autistic people.” He added that Musumeci “looks like Mark Zuckerberg” and that “he shouldn’t be winning.”

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Sneako has since responded to Musumeci’s call out, conceding that he would lose whether they competed in BJJ or mixed martial arts.

“You would make me tap in Brazilian jiu-jitsu,” the streamer said in a video response. “You would win. In MMA, even with striking, you would go, this is what you would do, grab my heel and do the same sh*t you did to master. You would win. You’re a world champion, I train boxing sometimes.

He also denied the narrative that he’s a bully, claiming that making jokes is just what he does and that it’s not meant to be malicious.

I make jokes,” he added. “I’m a streamer. I joke about everybody. Me, chat, everything, all day, every day.