The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 27: Undefeated lightweight veterans Mike Trizano and Luis Pena settled their unfinished business in the opening main card bout of tonight’s (Sat., November 10, 2018) UFC Fight Night 139 from Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

Trizano won TUF 27 with a split decision win over Joe Giannetti, but questions remained. Pena picked up a win in his first fight on the show. Unfortunately, he was then forced to withdraw due to an injury. Pena returned to submit Richie Smullen at the TUF 277 Finale this July. The win set the stage for a showdown to decide who truly was TUF 27’s best competitor.

Round One:

Trizano came out with some effective low kicks. Pena worked his jab lightly, following with some solid front kicks. He missed a one-two combo and saw Trizano snap a strong counter. Pena scored a snapping head kick and a glancing one-two of his own. Trizano’s low kicks were thudding. Pena sought a single leg but the fight stayed standing. ‘The Violent Bob Ross’ partially landed with a flying knee. Pena went deep on a takedown attempt, but Trizano locked on a guillotine. Pena escaped and looked for a kimura as the round came to a close.

Round Two:

Pena came out missing on a combination. Trizano threw another low kick. Pena snapped a straight left and a front kick, following with a body kick and another straight. Trizano’s only offense was from his low kicks. Pena wasn’t scoring huge at all, but he was putting out more volume. Trizano landed a couple thudding shots. Pena took Trizano’s back standing up. He looked for a rear-naked choke by dragging it to the ground. The choke was loose and Trizano escaped to reverse position. The crowd roared as “The Lone Wolf” landed some hammerfists to end the round.

Round Three:

Trizan came out and snapped a solid shot that Pena tried to shake off as nothing. He followed with a combo and another straight. A low kick landed and Trizano was clearly winning the stand-up game. Pena sought a telegraphed takedown that was easily avoided. Trizano landed a head kick and Pena answered with a right hook then a takedown attempt.

They clinched along the fence until Pena took it to the mat. He looked for ground and pound but Trizano fought it off well to get back up briefly. Pena ground him again and looked to pass. He maintained position but didn’t do much and Trizano got back up. Trizano scored with powerful shots as Pena missed more. Trizano landed yet another combo as they threw heavy to end the fight.

A measured yet hard-fought bout from both men. Only one could stay undefeated.

Final Result: Mike Trizano def. Luis Pena via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)