Mike Perry Confirms Darren Till Will Not Corner Him At UFC 255

Mike Perry

Popular welterweight contender Mike Perry has shut down any chance of his long-time rival Darren Till being in his corner when he faces off against former 170lb champ Robbie Lawler at UFC 255.

Perry shocked the world last week when he claimed to be auctioning off a place in his corner team for his fight on November 21. ‘Platinum’ hasn’t been seen in action since he beat Mikey Gall by unanimous decision, snapping a two-fight losing streak at UFC Vegas 4 back in June.

For the fight, Perry took the unusual step of opting against having a traditional corner team and instead relying on his girlfriend to give him advice between rounds. He seems willing so go one step further by inviting a paying stranger to help him out against one of the best welterweight fighters of all-time next month.

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Upon hearing of the opportunity to corner Perry, Till immediately tabled a $5000 bid and even started a GoFundMe page to help raise the money for his UFC 255 trip. The target was set at £25,000 and Till insisted any extra cash would go directly to Perry.

Ibrahim Kawa who manages Perry confirmed on social media that a deal was pretty much done for ‘The Gorilla’ to join Perry’s corner. However, the man himself has now revealed that he and his team had just been trolling. Till was never in the running to corner him at UFC 255.

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“I was never considering that weak ass 5k offer for the corner spot,” Perry wrote on Twitter. “My manager was just trolling y’all. @darrentill2 could’ve offered 50k and I wouldn’t have accepted his offer. The media runs the mma game tho so they were just getting off on drama.”

Who do you think Mike Perry will pick to corner him at UFC 255?