For years, we’ve heard about the possibility of Ronda Rousey fighting Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino and how fans are just waiting to see that fight happen. Miesha Tate is not one of those people who want to see the fight happen in 2015.

Instead, Miesha Tate feels that she deserves to fight Rousey for a third time before Cyborg gets a crack at the UFC women’s bantamweight champion.

Miesha Tate, who is the number one contender for the UFC bantamweight championship thanks to her recent four-fight winning streak, understands that UFC President Dana White has already stated publicly that she would get the next fight with Rousey, but knows in the back of her mind that there’s a chance that the UFC would change their minds and booked Rousey vs. Cyborg.

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“I don’t know what’s going to happen next, I don’t know for sure,” Tate told FOX Sports recently. “Dana (White) has been known to say things and that’s not exactly what happens.”

“I’m just buckling down right now, I’m not taking any time off, I’m going straight back into the gym and I’m just going to continue training as though I want to be the world champion. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much yet because I know the UFC has not confirmed that with my management that is exactly what’s going to happen. I know a lot of things change sometimes and that’s part of the industry we’re in. I just have my nose to the grindstone and training like I want to become the best fighter in the world.”

Regardless of all that, her rumored fight with Rousey is the January 2nd PPV event.

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“Things are always so up in the air that you kind of end up chasing your tail if you really try to keep up with it in that way. So I’ve told my management that I’m going to train and I’m going to let them do the figuring out, that’s what I pay them to do and that’s it,” Tate said. “It takes that much more distraction away from me like if I hear ‘Oh, the rumor is ‘Cyborg’ is fighting’ and I’m just going to shrug my shoulders and keep training.

“I know my shot’s coming. I don’t know exactly when but I’ll be ready for it regardless.”

Either way, Tate knows in her heart that she is the true number one contender for Rousey even if others don’t think she is due to her losing to Rousey twice.

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“I do believe that I’m next,” Tate said. “I believe that I’ve earned it and I don’t believe there’s a female out there that deserves it more than I do.”