Mickey Gall Makes Revelation About Hurting John Makdessi While Sparring

Photo: Kyle Terada for USA Today Sports
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We now know for a fact who injured John Makdessi before his bout at UFC 214 this past July in Las Vegas, Nevada at the T-Mobile Arena. It turns out to be top prospect Mickey Gall.

Gall decided to issue a statement BloodyElbow.com on Sunday to admit that he injured Makdessi ahead of his scheduled lightweight bout against Sage Northcutt. If you recall, earlier this week, Makdessi told FanSided that he sparred with Gall while the welterweight was visiting TriStar in Montreal.

This was when he suffered a shoulder injury when “f—king punk” Gall, who was apparently training too hard, landed a suplex. As a result of this injury, his UFC 214 bout cancellation and departure from the renowned camp.

Gall made sure to make it known that he did not hurt his training partner on purpose and regretted the mistake afterwards.

“It’s true. I did hurt him,” Gall wrote. “It was an accident, and I felt really bad about it. I was a fan of his. … I would never want to disrespect a training partner or the gym.”

“People go hard with me, so I go hard too; never ill spirited,” he wrote. “I remember going with John; it was the third round. The two previous rounds I had gone with strong guys like Alex Garcia and Peter Grajcar, and we were using muscle and going hard.”

Gall stated that he hit Makdessi with a fireman’s carry throw, but Makdessi did not break fall, but instead, he tried to stop the attempt which lead to the fight-canceling injury.

“I felt awful about it,” Gall wrote. “I should have done a better job protecting him. It was my fault. But sh-t happens it ain’t checkers. I never want to hurt someone in the gym. Especially TriStar, a gym I have a lot of respect for. And though I train there a lot and love the guys, it’s not my home gym — I’m a visitor, and that’s not a good look.”

Since his UFC debut against Michael Jackson in order to set up his bout against former WWE Champion and current UFC welterweight star CM Punk, Gall has been the fighter that the UFC is grooming to be the next superstar. UFC President Dana White scouted him on Dana White: Lookin’ for a Fight last year. Gall dominated the former pro wrestler and tapped him out in the first round at UFC 203 in September 2016.

Gall last competed inside the world-famous Octagon when he fought fellow rising star Northcutt and ultimately defeated him by submission. Now, Gall is scheduled to fight Randy Brown at UFC 217 in November at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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