Michael Chandler unfazed by PED use rumor surrounding Conor McGregor ahead of fight: ‘Everyone is on their own journey’

Michael Chandler unfazed by Conor McGregor PED use everyone is on their own journey UFC 302

Michael Chandler unbothered by potential steroid use by Conor McGregor ahead of their headlining bout. 

After much anticipation, McGregor Vs.  Chandler was finally announced for June of this year. It has been an odd, and controversial, period in McGregor’s career and while his usual antics have taken place, there has also been a growing concern that McGregor has been using PEDs during his time out. 

However, Chandler does not seem too fazed about McGregor’s potential drug use – in fairness the pros of a McGregor fight probably outweigh the cons in this circumstance. 

Michael Chandler previews UFC 302 clash with Conor McGregor

Talking to TMZ Sport, Michael Chandler was asked about the former double-champs potential use of PED’s – in fact he looks at is a mental weakness.

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“Not really,” Chandler told TMZ Sports. “You know I mean everybody is on their own journey and everybody has their different ways that they would do things. Obviously, I’ve always looked at [PEDs} as a crutch. If there was something that somebody would be able to take while they weren’t being drug tested, compared to when they were, to me that would be nothing but a mental hurdle to get over.”(H/T MMA Mania)

Chandler would also confirm that the bout was 100% taking place after some doubted McGregor’s less than professional announcement. Fans have also been treated to numerous promises and push-backs of the fight, but it actually seems like it’s happening.

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“We all know it’s never 100 percent officially confirmed until we actually step in the Octagon, but obviously my team has been in touch with the UFC,” Chandler told ESPN. “June 29 is what I’m preparing for. I’m leaving my family [at home in Nashville] to head down to Florida to get into fight camp — the fight camp that has been looming now for a year.”

Who will win, Conor McGregor or Michael Chandler?