The Australian-born MMA fighter Megan Anderson had some choice words for some people she had previously worked with. Anderson has not competed actively since her stiff loss to ‘The Lioness’ Amanda Nunes in early 2021.

Last night on Twitter, the Australian athlete accused her former trainer, James Krause at Glory MMA, of not coaching her during the leadup to that UFC title fight. She said:

“If you’re telling me that just 1 x 30 mins pad session a week is enough for a world title fight against the greatest female fighter of all time is enough coaching then you’re delusional.”

James Krause trained Jeff Molina, UFC flyweight, fired back explaining that Anderson is spreading falsities. Molina explained that she was offered more training time but turned it down and was frequently drunk. He explained fully here:

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“Take some accountability for yourself. You lost that fight the second you signed the dotted line- look in the mirror that’s why you lost that fight.”

Laura Sanko caught in the crossfire of Megan Anderson

UFC analyst Laura Sanko used to work alongside Megan Anderson on a show together. In an odd turn of events, Anderson was accused of sleeping with her coach James Krause. Anderson answered this accusation by levying the same charge at Laura Sanko. On Twitter, someone commented:

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“… Then somehow sleeping with James Krause …”

Anderson responded:

“You should look at Sanko about that actually..”

Laura Sanko and James Krause have not commented publicly on this situation regarding Megan Anderson. Late-night Tweeting brings in the juiciest drama.
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