Next up on the UFC Vegas 21 main card is a flyweight bout between Manel Kape and Matheus Nicolau.

Round 1: Nicolau opens with an impactful leg kick. A lot of feinting since before Nicolau lands another leg kick. Kape is slowly backing Nicolau against the fence. Nicolau goes for a takedown after getting the body lock and has him down. Nicolau passes to half guard but Kape slowly gets up. Nicolau sinks in a guillotine but Kape escapes. Kape misses a spinning back kick. The fight goes to the ground soon after with Nicolau ending the round in Kape’s guard.

Round 2: Nicolau is backed up against the fence. He lands a body kick. Kape lands an uppercut which seems to have hurt Nicolau. Nicolau fails with a takedown attempt. Kape is swinging and throwing much more volume. Kape somewhat drops Nicolau with a left. Nicolau lands a nice right but Kape eats it. Kape lands a body shot. Kape gets take endn down but gets up to his feet right after. He lands a leg kick on Nicolau. He lands a couple of combos as Nicolau is backed up against the fence. Kape drops the pace a bit as Nicolau lands some strikes. Kape slips on a missed spinning back kick attempt as the round ends.

Round 3: Nicolau has a promising start as he lands punches and kicks and looks much more composed compared to the previous round. Nicolau goes for a takedown but Kape does well to defend it. Nicolau drops Kape with a leg kick. Both fighters start to swing now with Nicolau showing much more confidence to engage. It’s a much closer fight now. Kape starts to take over and lands a big knee to the head. Kape lands another one to the stomach. Nicolau connects with a spinning elbow. The fight comes to an end.

Official result: Matheus Nicolau defeats Manel Kape via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).