Mark Hunt Loses Lawsuit Against UFC, Responds With Warning

Mark Hunt Returns

A judge has ruled the final part of Mark Hunt’s lawsuit against the UFC in favor of the Las Vegas-based promotion.

Hunt filed a lawsuit against the UFC, UFC president Dana White and Brock Lesnar in January 2017 following his loss to the latter. It was later revealed that Lesnar tested positive for clomiphene as the result was overturned to a no contest.

However, the “Super Samoan” demanded Lesnar’s $2.5 million purse — which the UFC rejected — leading to the lawsuit. Hunt also alleged that the promotion conspired with Lesnar to avoid anti-doping rules which allowed him to compete at UFC 200.

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In February, a judge ruled in favor of the UFC in all but one of Hunt’s claims which was a “single charge of breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing” according to MMA Junkie. And unfortunately for Hunt, even that was recently ruled in favor of the UFC by a judge at a US district court in Nevada.

The former UFC heavyweight would respond soon after with a warning for the promotion:

“I tried to make things even on the battlefield of Mma but again the cheating company @danawhite @ufc with all its billions they ripped everyone off win again someone will die against a steroid using cheater and your shit rip off company will be at fault @ufc I hope all u f*ckers burn filthy dog cunnnniesss ???????????????????????????????? u can go and get fuuuuuaaaaaarrrkkkkeddd Uwonthisbattlebutthewarwillcontinue #aliactmotherf*ckers I am not the first to sue this rip off company and sure as hell wont be the last to sue the @ufc u can’t keep ripping fighters off and run monopoly on the market someone’s going to put u motherf*ckers down @danawhite @ufc”

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Hunt last competed in a unanimous decision loss to Justin Willis in December last year. It was the final fight on his UFC contract, though he hasn’t explicitly stated if he’s retired or not.

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