Video – Defeated fighter Lukas Bukovaz left humiliated after girlfriend KOs marriage proposal in the cage

Video - MMA fighter Lukas Bukovaz takes two Ls as his girlfriend KOs marriage proposal in the cage

It was a rough night for Czech fighter Lukas Bukovaz.

After losing his fight at a local Clash of the Stars event, Bukovaz tried to salvage the evening by making the grandest of gestures by proposing to his girlfriend in the middle of the cage. As ‘Bukys’ dropped to one knee, his girlfriend covered her face in embarrassment before shooting down his proposal in front of the live crowd.

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“Based on everything that’s happened, I think probably not,” she said. “I don’t think so.”

The crowd immediately erupted into boos with one individual on the outside of the cage attempting to splash water on the woman.

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That’s when she held up her hand to claim that Bukovaz had allegedly cheated on her and even dropped the other woman’s name.

Lukas Bukovaz claims he ‘didn’t cheat’ on his girlfriend

“I didn’t cheat on her,” Bukovaz said in a backstage interview afterward, which he posted to his Instagram along with the initial video of her refusal.

Adding insult to injury, Bukovaz’s loss at the event came in a 2-on-1 fight where he was teamed up with Patrik Horvath to take on Jan Michalek.

So does that technically mean ‘Bukys’ took three Ls on the night?