Logan Paul shares drug testing results after Dillon Danis boxing fight: ‘I wanna address the steroids allegations’

Logan Paul reveals drug test results from Dillon Danis fight I wanna address the steroid allegations

Logan Paul posts his drug tests results after speculation that the American has been taking performance enhancing drugs. 

Earlier this month, Logan Paul would defeat Dillon Danis after an extremely ugly and personal build-up. Neither man was particularly impressive and after all the talk of knockouts and pain the pair were underwhelming and produced little action. 

Still though, the win will undoubtedly still fuel Paul’s ever-growing ego and belief in his at best, novice, boxing skills. 

Logan Paul shares VADA testing results

One attack from Danis during their build up was Pauls’ alleged use of PEDs. Danis is not the only one to accuse the American, fans and experts alike to share the believed that Paul takes some sort of drug. 

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However, Paul has always refuted any PED accusation and recently release his VADA drug testing results.

“I got my results back from VADA today,” Paul said. “I wanna address the steroids allegations before you see any news. I wanna confess … I have been taking a lot of Prime Energy and putting it in my mouth and then swallowing it. That gives me a good boost for my workouts which makes me have a good physique. (H/T MMA Mania)

The results are negative, haters, you’re gonna have to keep trying. No performance-enhancing drugs, like I said. Good luck next time though, you (expletive) dorks!”

This information is extremely misleading, and Paul knows it. Without consistent and randomized drug testing, these tests can be passed easily – especially with someone who has the resources that Paul has. 

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Testing agencies often get back positive results on a level far less than can be expected when considering the amount of athletes that are on steroids. The exact amount is disputed, but on a safe estimate of 4% still does not cut it. 

What do you think of Logan Paul’s test results?