Leon Edwards scoffs at UFC title fights with Colby Covington, Gilbert Burns: ‘There’s no contender’

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Leon Edwards claims there is no distinct contender within the current welterweight pile who have earned their shot at his undisputed crown, including former interim champion, Colby Covington, and recent UFC 287 victor, Gilbert Burns.

Edwards, the current undisputed welterweight champion, most recently headlined UFC 286 back in March in a championship trilogy rubber match against Kamaru Usman, landing a one-sided unanimous decision victory.

Initially expected to return to the Octagon at UFC 291 on July 22. – ahead of a planned London, England return for the promotion, Edwards has claimed he has no interest in making a return on that date.

Questioning the vality of the above-mentioned, Covington’s claim to a title opportunity against him next, Edwards stressed his preferall in a return in October at a planned UFC 294 event in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

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Leon Edwards claims there is no contender for him to defend his UFC title against

However, the Birmingham native has claimed when it comes to next opponents for him, neither Covington nor recent winner, Burns have done enough to warrant a challenge.

“At the moment in the division, there’s no clear number one contender,” Leon Edwards told Sky Sports. “Colby (Covington) is coming off two loses, one win. Gilbert (Burns) – similar. These guys are winning one fight, losing one fight, and then fighting for a world title. It’s a difficult time. Like I said, there’s no clear number one contender.” 

“Colby being uninjured, sitting ton the sidelines, turning down fights for over a year,” Leon Edwards said. “Nobody else has done that and earned a title shot from doing that. That’s the why not – he hasn’t earned his position. You can’t sit out uninjured over a year turning down fights and then, okay, I want a title shot now. That’s never been done before. Now, I’m champion, I decide. Colby isn’t a champion. He don’t decide nothing.”

“If it’s Colby, then it’s Colby,” Leon Edwards explained. “It is what it is. The order – let’s say who’s next, Burns, Colby, Belal (Muhammad), whoever else. They’re all similar fights. They’re all going to come with the same game plan. It’s all the same. It’s not about the opponent. There’s not fear for Colby. There’s nothing that’s fearful of Colby.”