Leister Bowling Insists He’s Not Recruiting Fighters From Team Alpha Male

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The drama continues following the departure of TJ Dillashaw from Team Alpha Male and his new coach at Team Elevation, Leister Bowling, is not too happy about being accused by Uriah Faber of recruiting fighters instead of just coaching.

As noted, UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw is making a big change for his next training camp as he has parted ways with Team Alpha Male earlier this week and will begin his next camp with a new team (Team Elevation) in Colorado.

Team Alpha Male’s founder Urijah Faber accused Bowling of trying to recruit fighters to Team Elevation during his appearance on the Stud Show Radio podcast Thursday night.

“I come to find out later there’s a guy Leister or something like that,” Faber said. “He’s a recruiter or wrestling coach or something like that who has been talking to Cody [Garbrandt] and trying to get Cody to come out. Basically trying to chicken hawk guys and apparently there’s an article where he said something like, ‘I had a heart-to-heart with T.J.,’ granted, he’s worked with him half of one camp – ‘and I told him it’s about time you do something for yourself. It’s about time you do something selfish.'”

Bowling found out what Faber had to say and has responded.

“I didn’t try to sway him one way or the other, and I’m sure T.J. would vouch for that if anybody ever asks him.”

“I told him just like I told everyone: our doors are always open,” Bowling told MMAFighting.com… “Have I talked to Cody Garbrandt? Yes. Am I actively recruiting Cody Garbrandt? No.”

Cody Garbrandt also trained at Team Alpha Male, but then decided to move to Team Elevation.

Bowling would admit that if he was in Faber’s position, he would make the same accusations.

“If I was in [Faber’s] shoes, I’d feel the same way,” Bowling said. “He doesn’t know me. The only UFC champion Team Alpha Male has ever had left. From T.J.’s perspective, those are his best friends, man. He always wanted to still be part of the team. But truly, he wants to train with Duane and Duane isn’t there anymore.”

“I wish I did, though,” he joked. “I’d recruit Urijah.”

Dillashaw is scheduled to fight Dominick Cruz in January at UFC Fight Night 81.

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