The fallout of UFC 151 being cancelled is coming down on the MMA world with a quickness, and current UFC Lightweight contender Joe Lauzon has quickly stepped up to voice his opinion. Many fighters, fans, coaches, and journalists will run to heap negative criticism upon Jon Jones and his camp, and Lauzon is no different. Speaking to, Lauzon expressed his opinion immediately, with strong conviction:

“Not only has this screwed over all the fans that bought tickets, non refundable airfare, took off work, made arrangements, etc… but think of all the fighters. Fighters that put in full camps, flew people in that helped them trains, etc. By the time I am actually fight, I spend close to 20k between corners, flights, expenses, coaches, etc… and then to have the whole show cancelled because ONE guy didn’t want to fight. This ONE guy that had trained an entire camp, who was the CHAMP and at the top of his weight class, who was going to fight someone who didn’t do the camp, and was fighting UP a weight class. I have always been a big Jon Jones supporter… but I would be FURIOUS if this happened to me and I was on the card. To call it scorched earth wouldn’t do it justice.”

Lauzon speaks from the heart, and shows respect for the fans who paid their hard earned money and took time out of their schedule to go to UFC 151. He makes a good point when he focuses on the fact that Jones has gone through a full training camp, while Sonnen has not. Sonnen even offered to take the fight for free, via Twitter:

Sonnen was willing to take the fight on short notice for no money. It may have been a switch for Jones, but someone else fought Sonnen on very short notice earlier this year. Michael Bisping took to Twitter to address the situation himself:

What are your thoughts on this entire situation? Jon Jones has cost many fighters a chance to make their living at UFC 151. Many fans will incur cost as well if they planned to attend the event, especially from out of town. If Jon Jones was not the most hated man in the UFC prior to this day, does this make him public enemy number one?

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