KSI is not at all impressed after watching recently leaked footage of Andrew Tate and a fan engaging in a heated sparring match. The video shows Tate boxing a smaller man, and for almost the entirety of the video Tate struggled with his smaller opponent. Known for his egotistical attitude, Andrew Tate has recently been released from a Romanian jail on house arrest after sex trafficking charges.

UK youtube sensation and boxer KSI thought the recent video of Andrew Tate having a hard time by the shorter man was hilarious and released a tweet ridiculing Tate.

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Andrew Tate performs a sparring match, KSI gives his reaction on Twitter

After struggling with this opponent throughout the video, Andrew Tate scored a body shot and knocks the wind out of his opponent. “From watching this, I would absolutely DESTROY Andrew Tate,” KSI said on Twitter. “Watch me on May 13th for those that don’t believe me.”

Andrew Tate had a comeback, and it seemed convenient. “I was literally teaching him, and telling him what to do,” Tate said on Twitter. The video clearly shows no words were exchanged as the two sparred, and the man half his size had the head movement and footwork of a boxer with at least a few years of experience under his belt.

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“I wasn’t even punching back,” Tate said, although the video shows him winging punches. While this was just a sparring bout, many people across the world would surely love to see Andrew Tate face a real boxer in the squared circle or even kickbox as he once did professionally.

What did you think of Andrew Tate’s performance in that sparring match?

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