Saturday, June third of 2023, Krzysztof Głowacki proved at KSW Colosseum 2 that not all boxers who transition into MMA are in for a rough time. In his MMA debut against Patryk Tołkaczewski, Głowacki found himself in the worst position possible for a striker and, still made the seemingly impossible happen.

It’s been said for ages now that the best base for martial arts is wrestling or jiu-jitsu, or a variant of grappling like sambo for instance. In fact, history has proved that boxers often suffer an extremely hard time transitioning into MMA. While this doesn’t mean there’s no hope at all for a boxer to succeed in the sport, there’s just been countless examples of boxers particularly getting brutally dominated in aspects of MMA that are foreign to them.

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However, there will always be outliers and oddities. At KSW Colosseum 2, Krzysztof Głowacki proved that he is one of those outliers. Now, that’s not to say every single one of his fights will end with him viciously knocking out his opponent, but in the case of his MMA debut, it certainly proved true.

Krzysztof Głowacki does the unthinkable and cements himself into a legendary circle of people who’ve pulled off one of the rarest knockouts in MMA

The knockout we’re discussing today is one of the rarest to happen in MMA. To have the strength and precision to knock out a trained fighter while fully mounted and on the bottom is just absurd. People could call it luck, but if you review the footage carefully, you could see the practice, experience, and skill behind the strike that knocked out Patryk Tołkaczewski.

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In a weekend that had its fair share of marvelous knockouts, including the legend Jim Miller scoring the fastest KO of his long and glorious career at UFC Vegas 74: Krzysztof Głowacki’s still takes the cake. Honestly, it’s not even a question either. The man is a talented fighter and had a very successful boxing career with a record of 32-4 that even saw him winning a WBO championship.

Even though he had a successful boxing career, one could’ve still assumed his transition into MMA was going to be extremely rough. However, as the footage shows, the Polish boxer turned MMA fighter might show some promise yet.

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As the footage shows, Głowacki is fully mounted and it looks as if his opponent is about to have his way with him. However, instead of turning to give his back up or something foolish such as that: Głowacki kept his composure and delivered one of the most gorgeous hooks from the bottom that has probably ever occurred in recorded human history. No joke. While some may call it a lucky shot as was previously mentioned, a trained eye would see the form, precision, and timing delivered with that strike and realize the evident skill Krzysztof Głowacki possesses.

What do you rate that knockout on a scale of one to ten?

Makoa Goble is an American writer born in Virginia Beach, Virginia who grew up in Northern California. A father of two, Makoa is a family man and has had a love of writing and MMA since he was a child himself.