Keith Jardine speaks about release

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Following his contreversial loss to Matt Hammil Keith Jardine was realesed from the UFC. Although many would be upset he accepts this with a smile on his face.

“Starting over doesn’t sound so bad to me,” Jardine blogged on his site. “Although my career is at a crossroads my story is only half-written. I have a lot of fight left in me and I continue to improve with every fight.”

Jardine started out on The Ultimate Fighter and even though he was eliminated by future teammate and best friend Rashad Evans he was asked to return to the UFC. Since then Jardine has stacked up several notable victories including Forrest Griffin, Chuck Liddell, and Brandon Vera. Although it seemed Jardine was well on his way to a title shot at UFC 96 everything started going down hill. After lossing to Rampage jackson Keith went on to get knocked out by Thiago Silva and Ryan Bader. After the two tough losses Jardine went back to the drawing board and seemed a lot better in the Hammil fight but a thumb to the eye cost him the fight and his UFC contract.

“I was sad to get the news but it was expected,” he wrote. “I’ve always been proud to be a UFC fighter and they have been real good to me. I can’t help but to feel a bit like I’m losing a family.”

Dana White has stated that it is unfortunate he had to go out like that but he hopes to see him back soon. Jardine already has a few fight deals with other orginizations and after a few wins i have no doubt he will be back.