Julianna Pena “Would Love To Welcome” Ronda Rousey Back To The UFC

Julianna Pena

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Julianna Pena has stated that she would be more than happy to face former champ Ronda Rousey if she ever returned to the UFC.

Pena recently defeated Amanda Nunes to claim the women’s 135lb title, a feat that numerous fighters have failed to achieve over the past few years. One of said fighters is Ronda Rousey, whose last fight in the UFC ended with a brutal KO loss to Nunes. Rousey has since transitioned to WWE, where she recently failed to capture the title in a match with Charlotte Flair.

Should Rousey be fed up with her WWE career, then she would certainly be welcomed back to the UFC by the MMA fanbase. Rousey was a pioneer in women’s MMA, with a following that was near unparalleled apart from the likes of Conor McGregor.

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Speaking with The Schmo, Julianna Pena revealed that a fight with Ronda Rousey had been a dream matchup for her ever since her days on The Ulitmate Fighter.

“Well they always asked me who’s my dream matchup,” remarked Pena. “Ronda’s definitely it for me. I would love that fight, I was calling for it after I won The Ulitmate Fighter. I was calling for it after I won a few times after winning The Ultimate Fighter. I mean it’s a dream matchup for me and I would love to welcome her back into the division.”

Julianna Pena Will Rematch Amanda Nunes After Coaching The Latest Season Of The Ultimate Fighter

It appears that Julianna Pena’s MMA career is beginning to come full circle. Having initially made her name by winning The Ultimate Fighter, she now returns to the UFC’s reality TV show as a coach. Leading the rival team will be Amanda Nunes, as they build hype and excitement for their upcoming rematch.

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In the interview with The Schmo, Pena does note that there has not yet been an official date set for the fight. However, it seems likely that the UFC will aim for the Summer, possibly August, for the two elite bantamweights to lock horns once again.

Do you think Ronda Rousey will return to MMA? Could she defeat Julianna Pena?