Judge Issues Chilling Warning To Jon Jones In Court

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The curious case of ex-light heavyweight champion Jon Jones continued this week, as he stood in an orange jump suit before a judge in a court of law. Having been pulled over by the police just 5 days prior for allegedly drag racing in the streets of New Mexico, Jones had felt the lonesome space of a jail cell for 4 days after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Violating the terms of his probation, worsened to a minor extent by his foul demeanour towards the New Mexico police officer, the 28-year old New York born Jones looked humble in court.

After such a torrid year for ‘Bones’ it was hoped he’d be able to stay on the straight and narrow. Alas the temptation of driving his high powered and modified Corvette was too strong, and we found ourselves once again worrying about Jones being pulled from a title fight. This time around Jones is the challenger and Daniel Cormier the champion, after the UFC stripped the fallen champion following his 2015 hit-and-run. The consensus cry from the MMA community was ‘Please Jon, stop driving.’


So here he stood, before a realistic yet stern judge, who sentenced Jon Jones to an extra 60 hours of community service, driver and anger management courses, and a no-drive before checking with his PO policy. Watch the video of the judge’s ruling and warning to Jon Jones:

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“Jon, if you do come back here, it won’t go well”.

Here’s the UFC’s official response to Jon Jones’ latest law worries:

“UFC respects the decision made today by Judge Michael E. Martinez in New Mexico Second Judicial District Court regarding the probation terms of the case involving Jon Jones.”

Which is just about as generic a statement as you’d expect. Should the UFC be putting in extra measures to assure ‘Bones’ makes it to UFC 197 on April 23? Otherwise, we might find ‘DC’ facing a substitute, or worse no opponent in his scheduled third title defense.

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