Jose Aldo Is ‘Sure’ Conor McGregor Will Be Afraid

Jose Aldo

With an endless amount of face-offs, staredowns, and back-and-forth trash talk battles during their heated 10-city UFC 189 World Championship Tour, it’s a big surprise that UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and his hated Irish rival Conor McGregor didn’t come to blows at some point.

That’s only magnified by the fact that McGregor brazenly stole Aldo’s belt during a presser, visibly angering the champion. But according to Aldo, who spoke up to Brazilian media at a press conference today (via MMA Fighting’s Guilherme Cruz), the threat of a possible fine kept him from getting physical during the tour. Now that this dynamic is gone, Aldo said any confrontation is going to go down much differently this time:

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“We talked about a possible fine during the tour, but it is too expensive, and I couldn’t afford getting fined. That was an issue because I couldn’t do what I wanted to do. But the fight is around the corner now so we can do something more because nobody will do anything about it. It there’s any trash talk, I know what I’m going to do.

“I already have in my mind what I’m going to do, but it’s a secret,” the champion continued. “It’s going to be a different Aldo. There’s no fine or suspension anymore. After everything they spent, they won’t cancel this fight for anything. I’m sure he will come after me, but I guarantee it’s going to be different this time.”

Continuing on, the decorated champ actually stated that he would welcome a brawl, noting that’s what he’s paid to do. Believing McGregor will quickly change his tune, Aldo also called any potential fracas ‘wonderful’:

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“It would be great if there’s a brawl. I hope that happens. That’s what people want,” he said. “I’m paid to beat people up so, if that happens, it would be wonderful. I hope I can beat him up. The fun is over, it’s going to be for good now. After this staredown, he will give up doing anything he was planning to do. You will see.”

Aldo closed by proclaiming it’s McGregor who needs to run his mouth, but that the talk is over. Now, he said, it’s time for him to let his fists fight his battle, which will supposedly result in McGregor fearing a fighter the likes of which he’s never seen before:

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“I’m usually calm, he’s the one trying to promote himself. We’ll see when we’re face to face, and I will let my hands do the talking for me,” he said. “He can say whatever he wants, but he will feel my answer when the time comes. I’m sure he will be afraid, I felt that when I looked into his eyes. I’m going after him. He’s never fought a guy like me before.”