Ahead of his huge fight with Conor McGregor next month at UFC 194, someone’s been stirring the sh*t in Jose Aldo’s camp. Now ‘Scarface’ is hunting for the snitch….

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo is just three weeks away from facing his fierce rival Conor McGregor at UFC 194. First scheduled to fight at UFC 189, Aldo was forced out of competition by an injured rib, and was finally replaced by Chad Mendes. ‘Money’ proved to be a challenge for McGregor, but simply didn’t have the legs and got caught and TKO’d by ‘The Notorious.’ Now, as the interim strap was unnecessarily put on the line that night, the UFC 194 main event is a unification bout.

The young Irish sensation has made a point of mocking Aldo at every opportunity, but it all seemed like it could have come crashing down all over again last week. Rumours began to circulate, and UFC veteran Chael Sonnen was the main culprit in spreading them. The story was that a member of Aldo’s Nova Uniao camp in Brazil passed word to ‘The American Gangster’ of another injury to the champ, and that he wouldn’t be able to fight McGregor at UFC 194. The internet exploded for a while, before everyone realized that Dana White had shot down the rumour some time before the article was released.

So who is starting these rumours? Well, funnily enough, it’s Jose Aldo, in an attempt to find out who the snitch is in his gym. Speaking to Sportv.Globo, ‘Scarface’ says he’s intentionally been giving false information to his team mates in order to flush out the rat. Paraphrasing has been used as the direct translation from Brazilian to English is akin to the insane scribblings of an illiterate person with no thumbs.

“Any little thing we do, everyone talks. I was more quiet, I think Dede (Pederneiras) stressed a little. I try not to care much about what people say, I try to see myself more. It was nice to have happened, anything we do in the gym we seek. Sometimes I’m talking about something that hurt just to fish, to go out and see if they speak, to find out who the “X9” or “snitch” is, while giving the wrong info. I Always try to stay calm, maintain a good head and stay focused. It’s important. Chael always spoke bullshit.”

Whoever is giving out information, to use Chael Sonnen as an outlet was never going to work out well. Perhaps ‘Scarface’ should try and squeeze ‘The American Gangster’ for some information. Word is Sonnen doesn’t like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so maybe an hour of watching Gracie fight breakdowns would get him talking. Aldo went on.

“I train in the protection of American Football quarterbacks. I can hit it with a piece of wood and it will not hurt. My coach, if I say I’m tired at training, he will tell me there is no such thing. We train as champions, for the best fight. A champion is never tired.”

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