Jorge Masvidal rips Colby Covington for condemning UFC 296 loss on Donald Trump: ‘You’re blaming the greatest president’

Jorge Masvidal rips Colby Covington for criticizing Donald Trump for UFC 296 loss he's the greatest president

Former UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal sounds off on bitter rival Colby Covington

Once close friends and training partners, it now seems that Covington and Masvidal will never reconcile. Out with their fights, both in the cage and out, the two will often take jabs at one another in media appearances, often taking aim at personal topics. 

And following his one-sided loss to Leon Edwards at UFC 296, Covington gave Jorge Masvidal even more ammunition after coming out with a whole.

Jorge Masvidal again aims at Colby Covington

When asked about Covington’s excuses, Masvidal would of course dig in, first slamming Covington for his lack of political knowledge.

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“He doesn’t know anything about politics,” Masvidal began during an interview with BroBible. “He literally just attaches his name to Trump, hoping that Trump will one day tweet his name or maybe show up to a fight. But, the guy literally knows nothing about politics, knows nothing about immigration laws, knows nothing about 401ks, about foreign policies, domestic policies. He knows nothing.”

Masvidal would then go on an expletive-filled rant, accusing Covington of having a gambling issue and blasting him for using ‘the greatest president ever’ as an excuse.

“All this guy f*****g does is throw his money away gambling on poker and paying for prostitutes to be in his f*****g videos,” Masvidal said. “So, for him to go out there and involve Trump’s name so much and say, ‘The judges don’t like me because I roll with Trump and they robbed me because of Trump!’ You’re a f*****g piece of s**t.

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“Now you’re blaming the f*****g greatest president this country has ever seen for your f*****g s***y ass loss. You didn’t do a damn thing, and everybody says, even your mom says you’re a f*****g bum. You’re going to blame that on Trump? Because you’re such a f*****g bum? you’re a piece of s— It just shows who he is, and of course now he has a ‘broken foot. The guy’s a f*****g cheating, lying, piece of s**t cop-calling mother***er. And I can’t wait to see his ass.”

Do you think Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington will ever put their beef behind them?