Jorge Masvidal is making big changes to his MMA career after losing to Al Iaquinta back in April where he lost the fight by split decision. Masvidal is changing weight classes after winning five of his last seven bouts as he is going from lightweight to welterweight.

Jorge Masvidal is a smart guy and knows that he is going to have to start from the bottom of the division and work his way back up the division after being in the top 15 of the lightweight division. He’s done it before and he’s sure he’ll do it again.

“I definitely gotta start out from the way, way bottom,” he told “I don’t think I’m gonna get any type of leeway. And I’m happy as long as they’re giving me the toughest fights possible. I don’t want to fight any Ultimate Fighters like I always did at 155. No upcoming guys. I want to fight the guys that are world-class beaters. That’s who I want to get in there with.”

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Following his loss at UFC Fight Night 63 in April, he was looking for his next challenge at a new weight class and found that challenge against Cezar Ferreira, who is moving down from middleweight, at The Ultimate Fighter 21 Finale on July 12 in Las Vegas.

“I don’t give a damn,” Masvidal said. “As long as he makes the weight and he doesn’t try to cheat out of the weight. I don’t give a damn where he’s coming from. I’m just going to get in his face and make him break.”

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Masvidal pointed out that this move to a higher weight class is a smart business move as a fighter. He knows that the welterweight division is more popular than his previous weight class with not only the history, and the legacy but also the current fighters in the division. He explains that this also led to his decision to move weight classes.

“I think the sport is growing and along with it weight classes have to be added,” Masvidal said. “I think between 155 and 170 is most of the population of the world within that weight. I feel like if they added a few weight classes it wouldn’t change up the dynamics of the sport. You can still have champions and it wouldn’t be like boxing. Boxing got messed up because they’ve got so many belts, so many unifications. It’s crazy.”

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Masvidal meets Ferreira on the main card of this Sunday’s Ultimate Fighter 21 Finale.

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