Next up on the UFC Vegas 2 main card at the Apex facility is a bantamweight bout between Jordan Espinosa and Mark De La Rosa.

Round 1: De La Rosa starts with a leg kick. Espinosa returns his own. De La Rosa goes after a leg but Espinosa evades before landing another leg kick. He lands another one which is partially checked. Espinosa is also employing a nice constant jab. He remains more active but De La Rosa is controlling the center of the Octagon. Espinosa lands a nice body kick. De La Rosa clinches him up against the fence and looks for the takedown. Espinosa has done a good job defending them while landing fists to De La Rosa’s back. Espinosa starts to land elbows as well but De La Rosa continues looking for the takedown. De La Rosa somehow absorbs huge elbows as the round ends.

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Round 2: Espinosa continues to jab and remain active. De La Rosa lands a big leg kick. Espinosa returns with his own and follows it up with a teep kick and body kick. De La Rosa lands a body shot before looking for another takedown attempt. Espinosa is defending it as he did in the first round. De La Rosa is going for some foot stomps but Espinosa lands some big knees and they separate. De La Rosa lands a nice combination but Espinosa is unfazed. Espinosa ends the round with a huge strikes landed differential.

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Round 3: Espinosa clinches De La Rosa, landsa knee and momentarily has him up against the fence before returning to striking. De La Rosa is going on the offensive. They engage in a flurry but Espinosa takes him down. After standing up, Espinosa goes to the ground again and looks to end the fight with ground and pound. After looking for a choke attempt, De La Rosa escapes and they return to striking. Espinosa lands another takedown. They return to striking. Espinosa continues to jab and move as De La Rosa struggles to land a big shot. The fight ends.

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Official result: Jordan Espinosa defeats Mark De La Rosa via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26).

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