Jon Jones Previews Possible Heavyweight Clash With Francis Ngannou

Jon Jones previews
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One of the hottest topics surrounding Jon Jones’ mixed martial arts (MMA) career is a potential jump up to heavyweight.

There are plenty of options for Jones in regards to a superfight at heavyweight. However, one of the more appealing options has just left the table. Brock Lesnar announced his retirement from mixed martial arts (MMA) competition recently, nixing any possibility of the two freakish physical specimens colliding inside the Octagon.

Speaking to TMZ Sports recently, however, Jones admits there are no shortage of challengers at heavyweight:

“I’m not too disappointed, no,” Jones said. “There are a lot of fights in the heavyweight division that are always going to be extremely appealing. We got Cain Velasquez, Francis Ngannou -“

When asked if a fight against Ngannou, another freakish athletic specimen, is something he wants, Jones admits it’s not necessarily a fight he desires, but he recognizes how huge it’d be for all involved:

“That’s not a fight I necessarily want,” Jones said. “But if it were to present itself I know it’d be huge for everybody involved. That’s a scary dude. But that’s why I’m in it, for it to be hard. I’m aware that, the greater the challenge, that’s what makes it great. The hard is what makes it great.”

Jones broke down his game-plan for a potential fight against “The Predator,” which boils down to getting the fight to the ground, where the light heavyweight champion would hold the advantage:

“Francis, no doubt, I would look to fight him smart. Watch out for those power shots and ultimately get the fight to the ground, where I feel like I’d have the advantage. Don’t start trash with me and Francis,” Jones laughed. “I shouldn’t have said his name, I actually like the guy.”

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