Jon Jones Mocks Francis Ngannou’s Heart, Ngannou Fires Back

Jones Ngannou
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Ngannou Mocks Jones Running During Last Fight

It looks like we’re in the trash talking stage of a potential super fight between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou.

The pair have both campaigned for a heavyweight super fight against each other as of last week with many in the combat sports world eager to see such a contest.

And although UFC president Dana White doesn’t seem to believe it will happen, Jones and Ngannou are certainly playing their part with a little trash talk. In response to a tweet from “The Predator” asking if he was still there, Jones mocked Ngannou’s heart and claimed he would expose him.

“First you can save the rest of your tongue pictures for your other homies and yes I’m right here, just waking up from watching that Derek Lewis fight again. You ain’t scaring nobody, I saw your heart. You’re a big old mouse, I’ll expose you”

It didn’t take long for Ngannou to clap back.

He responded to Jones’ tweet by mocking the latter’s most recent fight with Dominick Reyes as he posted an image of him running away at one point during the bout.

“I watched some tapes too”

“Bones” hasn’t responded at the time of writing but it’s all but guaranteed that he eventually will as things start to get heated between the duo.

If things continue and fan interest increases, we may just end up getting this fight.

What do you make of the latest trash talk between Jones and Ngannou?

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