Jon Jones: Latest DWI Arrest ‘Set Me Free’

Jon Jones

UFC Light heavyweight Champion Jon Jones recently talked about his March DWI arrest in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and mentioned that it has had some major positive influence in his life. He went on Steve-O’s Wild Ride Podcast! where he talked about his recent contract dispute with the company and potentially moving on to another promotion.

““I do believe wholeheartedly that the companies that own Bellator and some of these other leagues do have the same amount of financial backing that the UFC had and I do believe that having Jon Jones be the new face of your promotion, especially today when I’m really making an effort really for the first time to get my sh*t somewhat together,” Jones said (via MMA Fighting). “I do feel good. My last DWI has done a lot for me. It set me free in so many ways. It embarrassed me. It reality checked me. I’ve never been on camera drunk for the public to see like that. It was humiliating and somewhat of a bottom for me and I’m ready to snap it into high gear.”

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“I think right now’s a good time for any company to have me for sure,” Jones explained, “My goal is to be an asset to any company that I’m a part of. I got a feeling if I am able to get out of my UFC contract, that I would be huge for another company.”

Jones has stated he’s willing to sit out multiple years in order for the UFC and Dana White to meet him halfway, something he is confident can happen. Jones, however is focused on giving back to his community and is finding this experience to be even more rewarding in some aspects to winning fights.

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“Right now though, honestly, being involved with the C.A.R.E. project and being detached from the UFC and trolls and all that type of stuff,” Jones said. “This is motivating me way more than a world championship fight. I’ve been winning title fights for so long now, I get what that feels like, I know what the afterparty feels like, I know what it feels like to be called champ and looked at as the greatest fighter forever. I’ve been experiencing these things for so long now that that sh*t doesn’t really tickle me anymore. Changing my life and giving back to other people and having people say thanks for what you did for the city last night and stuff like that, my neighbors look at me like a person that they’re incredibly proud to be neighbors with. That means so much more to me than being a UFC champion and I’m so grateful.”

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Certainly an interesting and unique perspective from the light heavyweight champ. It seems like he could be on the right path after making numerous mistakes throughout his controversial career.

When do you think we’ll see Jon Jones fight again?