Jon Jones Just Edges Dominick Reyes After War – UFC 247 Results

Dominick Reyes

In the main event of UFC 247, Jon Jones defends his light heavyweight championship against Dominick Reyes.

Round 1:

Reyes comes in immediately with the power shots, and Jones shows his desire to get the fight to the ground. A head kick from Reyes is just blocked. A nice body shot from Reyes and he separates. Reyes drops Jones with a straight punch. Now Jones bounces up and Reyes is pouring it on. A nice kick to the body from Reyes.

A high kick is just blocked by Jones and now Reyes is turning up the volume. Jones responds with a kick to the body. A front kick to the body lands for Reyes. Jones has one of his high kicks just blocked. The round comes to an end.

Round 2:

Reyes attacking the legs to open the round. A nice kick to the body lands for Jones. Reyes blitzing in now with big shots. Jones is trying to run but Reyes is staying on him. Another nice leg kick for Reyes. Reyes with a shot to the body. Jones responds with a lead hook and Reyes fires back with a body shot.

A very nice jab from Jones. Jones is pressing forward with shots now. Jones with a nice leg kick. Jones lands a very nice left hand. A nice side kick to the body lands for Jones and Reyes responds with a big uppercut. Reyes lands a nice leg kick. The round comes to an end.

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Round 3:

Reyes has a huge head kick blocked. Reyes wants to make it a dirty fight inside the pocket. A nice kick to the body lands for Reyes. Reyes refuses to let Jones back away without taking punishment. Reyes lands another good uppercut as Jones continues to try and press forward. Jones has a head kick blocked. Jones shoots in on a takedown attempt but Reyes is stuffing it and separates after an elbow. Reyes with another head kick blocked by Jones responds with a jab. Reyes lands a body shot again. Another left-hand lands for Jones. Jones catches Reyes with a jab and goes for a takedown before the round ends.

Round 4:

Reyes turning up the pace to open the round. Right hooks and a big left lands for Reyes. Reyes pressing forward now, landing shots. Jones clinches up and is working for the takedown. Jones gets the takedown but Reyes pops right back up, with Jones still glued to him. Reyes breaks away. A leg kick lands for Jones, and he shoots in again.

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Reyes throwing and landing a pair of hooks, but Jones presses forward. A big lead hook from Jones now. Reyes fires back with big shots too. A high kick from Jones is barely blocked. Jones with a leg kick and Reyes fires back with two shots. Jones with a very nice left hook to end the round.

Round 5:

A nice left hand to open the round for Reyes. Reyes with body shots. Leg kick from Reyes, and Jones shoots in for a takedown, gets it, but Reyes is back to his feet. Reyes shrugs him off and goes to the body. Jones with a body shot and jab. Reyes firing for hooks now, and only one lands. A lead elbow from Jones just scrapes Reyes.

A nice body shot from Jones. Jones continues to chop away at the legs and then lands a left hand. Reyes dips and dodges a high kick and responds with a left hook. Jones with a nice sidekick to the body. Jones continues to advance and lands a leg kick. Reyes avoids Jones for the final minute and the round ends.

Official Result: Jon Jones def. Dominick Reyes via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46)