Jon Jones denies being arrested after threatening to ‘kill’ a DFSI drug testing agent at his home

Jon Jones denies being arrested after he threatened to 'Kill' a DFSI drug testing agent at his home

Jon Jones is once again attempting to set the record straight after being accused of physically threatening an anti-doping agent who visited his home last month.

On Friday, news broke that DFSI agent Crystal Martinez had filed a report with Albuquerque police stating that the UFC heavyweight champion had threatened to “kill” her and had briefly stolen her cell phone while she was attempting to collect a urine sample. According to Martinez, Jones was initially compliant with the request but then quickly became frustrated. At one point, he reportedly picked up Martinez’s phone and filmed a video complaining about the drug testers in his garage before putting the phone in his pocket and refusing to return it.

Jon Jones

Martinez also alleges that Jones told her and another tester in tow, “Why you f*cking people come so early, do you know what happens to people who come to my house, they end up dead.”

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As a result, Jones has been charged with assault and was issued a court summons at his home. Shortly after, reports began to emerge claiming that ‘Bones’ had been arrested. Taking to social media, the MMA icon confirmed that he was not taken into custody, and once again denied the accusations of assault.

Jon Jones

“Hello everyone, I wanted to address some misinformation that has been circulating this morning,” Jones wrote on X. “I woke up to false reports that I had been arrested. I have not been arrested. In fact, I am currently in Texas with my daughters at a volleyball tournament. I must admit, it’s disappointing to have to clarify these things again, but I understand that I may be an easy target given some of my past issues.

“It’s important to set the record straight and make sure the truth is told. I was recently visited by testers while I was celebrating a birthday and taking a nap. Upon waking up, I was caught off guard by the unprofessionalism and protocol by one of the testers which caused frustration leading me to use some profanity I regret.

“However, I want to emphasize that at no point did I threaten, get in anyone’s face, raise my voice to anyone, or engage in any form of assault. It’s unfortunate that false news has been spread without proper fact-checking. I want to assure you that I will vigorously defend myself against these baseless accusations. The truth is, the incident simply did not occur.”

Jon Jones

Jon Jones releases security cam footage

Before his latest statement on the subject, Jones shared security camera footage of the drug tester leaving his home and giving ‘Bones’ a high-five on her way out.

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According to the police report, Jones suggested that Martinez was “unhappy because of offensive language he used in his garage.” As far as the alleged death threat, ‘Bones’ offered up a slightly different version of what he said: “Tell everyone at [DFSI] headquarters not to send people to my home so early because it could be a dangerous environment.”

Ultimate Fighting Championship has not yet released a statement regarding the matter.