Video – UFC champion Jon Jones and Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier squash their beef … Or do they?

Video - UFC champion Jon Jones and Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier squash their beef ... Or do they?

There are few rivalries in mixed martial arts more iconic than the one between consensus MMA GOAT Jon Jones and former two-division world champion Daniel Cormier.

Competing twice inside the Octagon, ‘Bones’ scored two decisive victories over ‘DC,’ though the result of their second meeting at UFC 214 was later overturned from a KO win for Jones to a no-contest after the Rochester, NY native tested positive for a turinabol metabolite.

Cormier and Jon Jones

Cormier never really got over those losses and based on a recent interaction between the two combat sports icons, it seems like he never will.

In the video clip above, Jones and Cormier share some unexpected pleasantries over the phone. However, it seems like neither man is overly excited to hear the words of encouragement coming back to them. Just before the camera cuts, Cormier flashes a smile and flips the bird, making it quite clear how he feels about Jon Jones.

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‘DC’ has his reasons for denying Jon Jones GOAT Status

Cormier’s biggest beef isn’t necessarily with the fact that ‘Bones’ beat him twice, but the steady stream of trouble that the former light heavyweight and current heavyweight titleholder finds himself in. For all his accolades inside the Octagon, Jones has a run-in with the law to match. In 2015, he was found guilty of a hit-and-run, fleeing the scene of an accident after running a red light and crashing into a vehicle. Jones fled on foot.

Jon Jones

In 2021, he was arrested for domestic violence hours after being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. A belligerent Jones was seen in dashcam footage headbutting the hood of the patrol vehicle and challenging the responding officers to a fight.

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Jon Jones

Over the years, he’s been charged with multiple DWIs, battery, and most recently, was investigated for allegedly threatening to kill a drug-testing agent who was tasked with obtaining a urine sample from the superstar.

Then there’s the failed drug tests, but we won’t get into all of that right now.

Jon Jones