VIDEO | Jon Jones Cries, Headbutts Police Car During His Latest Arrest

Jon Jones Arrested

Video footage of former UFC light-heavyweight Jon Jones being arrested in Las Vegas in September has finally been released.

Yesterday, uncomfortable footage had been obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal showed body cam footage of Jones’ arrest. Jones would end up leaving a ‘medium-size dent’ when he forcefully headbutted the police car.

During the footage Jones was visibly both intoxicated and upset, when the officer with the bodycam approached Jones, who was already in handcuffs, Jones began hysterically screaming ‘I hate you’, I hate you so much’.

The video continues to become more uncomfortable as Jones’ emotions seemed to yo-yo. Jones, seemingly almost in tears cried out ‘please don’t hurt me’ to then in a matter of seconds becoming aggressive and calling one of the officers a ‘nerd’.

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Body Cam Footage Of Jon Jones Arrest

“Humiliating me [on] my Hall of Fame night,” Jones says, “You fucking nerd. I hate you. I hate you! I hate you! You fucking nerd. I hate you so much.

“Say your name publicly” Jones said, “You turned me in my Hall of Fame night, just because I’m big and Black. And what did I do? I came from my Hall of Fame ceremony, and I’m Black, and I did nothing to you.”

“Bro, hang me. Hurt me and kill me. What did I do?” Then, he cries, “A Black man can’t drink? Getting elected into the Hall of Fame, and this is what I’ve got?”

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At this point, Jones begins to jump up and down before shouting, “I hate you!” and violently hitting his head off the car.

Jones is then led to the police car and is told to ‘chill’, “Jon, you need to chill, you understand?” one officer said.

“Yes sir,” Jones replied.

“You did it, sir because you’re on video doing it,” the same officer says “Chill out!”

Do you think Jon Jones can come back from his demons?